Aline Bouvy

Projects :
Are You Thinking About Atlantis?, Catherine Vertige Collection, LABOUR, MATERIAL ART FAIR MEXICO D.F., Plant B - Molenbeek Sculpture Park

Exhibition view, It tastes like shit, it is shit, want a toothbrush, NICC, BE, 2013.

(b. 1974, Brussels)

I am interested in the fear of dirt – on one hand, as an instrument that re- inforces the dominant culture and the power of its rulers, on the other hand, the fear of dirt as the expression of the separation between those adhering to a culture's moral and ethical code from those who do not conform.


I believe that the contemporary world’s disease is that it is stuck in what one might call - in a psycho-analytical term - anal retention. I am interested in analyzing our relation to what we are conditionned to consider as dirty, foreign, unnatural.


I am intersted in researching about the ‘desire drive’ into all kinds of cultures, civilizations, trying not to fall into exotic interpretations but working on presenting new constructions that from the here and now where I stand, echo these times that are over forever.


Afterall, I am deeply interested in the construction of images, in every sense, in every kind of manifestation.




Aline Bouvy is represented by Nosbaum Reding (Luxembourg).