Bitsy Knox

Projects :

My paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, writing, and performances investigate the limits of understanding, and what might lie beyond this. I delve into questions of memory, distance, and awareness. My work takes form between a studio-based process, in which I collage ideas and forms organically, and a more rigid research-based process which might take the form of a daily writing practice, or a correspondence. The subjects of my work are most often inspired by the events which transpire in my daily life, which I understand as living in a physical and a virtual space. I treat objects and images in the same way, inhabiting many different identities which allow them to move in and out of contexts. With the information I collect, I form webs which start off as disparate and fuzzy and are eventually intertwined and whittled down to a single thread, which is then duplicated, manipulated, and simulated. I see simulation as a space of translation, a way of negotiating what is lived, but also what is between this living, what lies underneath what is commonly visible.