Douglasism Festival

18/10/2013 - 15/11/2013

Related Artists :
Claire Fontaine, David Evrard, David Garchey, Douglas Park, Matthew Burbidge, Michelle Naismith

Kim Kim Gallery

304 #, 864-11 Daerim-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu,
Seoul 150-071

With the support of WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International)

Partners in Europe:

Komplot (BE)
Trinity Gallery (UK)
The Institution of ROT (UK)
Enclave (UK)

Douglas Park (UK), artist, curator, writer, performer 

Sonia Dermience (BE), curator, co-director of Komplot

Damien Airault (FR), curator, art critic

Michelle Naismith (lives in Brussels, UK) artist, filmmaker

David Evrard (BE), artist

Jean-Philippe Convert (BE), artist

David Garchey (FR), designer Matthew Burbidge (UK), artist Jan Mast (BE), artist

Cel Crabeels (BE), artist

Nico Dockx (BE), artist, curator

OKIN Collective (KR), artist-group

Kim Kim Gallery (KR, DE), artist collective, curators Clemens Kruemmel (DE), curator, art critic

Sanggil Lee (KR), sociologist

Workroom Press (KR), publisher

Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield (UK), art critic, philoso- pher

Owen Piper (UK), artist

The Rack (UK), artist

Paul Sakoilsky (UK), artist, curator

Richard Crow (UK), artist, musician

Rut Blees Luxembourg (DE), photographer Michael Croft (UK), artist, curator

Claire Fontaine (FR), artist collective

Oan Kim (FR), artist, musician

Clementine Deliss (DE), curator, publisher

Mark Aerial Waller (UK), artist, filmmaker

Rob Voerman (NL) artist

Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly (UK), artist

Christina Mitrentse (UK), artist

Anthony Gross (UK) artist, filmmaker

Olive Martin (FR), artist

Aeon Rose (E, UK), curator

Monika Adler (P, UK), artist, filmmaker

Gideon Cube-Sherman (UK), artist

Piers Wardle (UK), artist

Dirk Fleischmann (DE), artist

Rano (Chile), graphic designer

Douglasism's Mission: “Douglasism” requests to become a creative representation of the individuality, eccentricity and uniqueness, which is expressed in the work of Douglas Park in cooperation with other artists and through their work. These works often display or are co-created with Douglas Park. The event will provide a deeper insight into the working methods, perspectives and traits of work by and with Douglas Park. The unity of the event will excite, enrich, simulate and challenge the public.

What is Douglasism? Douglasism is a term deriving from the name of the contemporary british artist Douglas Park. Its linguistic origin lies in a title of a show curated by the late Piers Wardle (aka Lewis Draper). We adopted this title and consider Douglasism as a many-layered perspective on the totality of the creative activity of Douglas Park. The actual word “Douglasism” compares through is structure political movements and art movements of the 19th and early 20th century. It is not only the work of DP but also engulfs the works of many other artists, with whom or for whom DP works up to the present. 

Who is Douglas Park? In his own words: „born in 1972, UK
visual artist, writer (of literary prose and critical essays, both mostly art connected), exhibition curator and multiple practices and roles combined.“ DP´s complete resume fills 38 A4 pages and we wisely forewent it.

DP is a polyvalent artist, actor, narrator, writer, curator. He has a vast but strangely intangible oeuvre of great humanism. Kim Kim Gallery is following DP´s work and activity closely since 2008 and is a strong supporter of his unique oeuvre and of his expression of eccentric individuality in the art world. Douglas Park is a phenomenon of art-catalysis through his very own mannerisms.