The School of Curating


  The Komplot School of Curating


This school doesn‘t deliver a diploma but gives experience and theory to curators about the practice of exhibition, publication and projects making in contemporary art.

Curatorial Committee

Gregory Nys (Composite), Jean-Paul Jacquet (Et. d’en face), Pieter Vermeulen (Hugent), Dirk Snauwaerts, Devrim Bayar and Zoe Gray (Wiels). The members of this committee engage with the selection of the candidates as well as welcoming the participating curators in their institution to present and discuss their work, an evaluation at the end of the session and participation to the summer school.


Based on a three months period, meeting and working with curators and artists with the aim of creating an art project, the school offers the opportunity to meet and experience with the scene of contemporary art on a research base. From the prospection, to funding, to conceptualisation, to production and mediation of the exhibition, publication or project at large, the school provides with tools for succedding in creating an original project.

Research And Practice

The three months are dedicated first to meeting the Brussels and Belgian art scene as well as the international newcomers and visitors and bringing a fresh view on this microcosme. The particpating curators will work by group of four in order to achieve the realisation of all projects by Komplot and will realize a specific project themselves.The projects should be conceived collectively which is an important aspect of the teaching in the school, giving space to collaborativity as a creative way of conceptualisation, production and mediation. At the end of the year, a Summer class will be organized abroad in the crountryside where the groups will meet and create a publication together about their experience.


Each group of four curators will follow a cycle of three months :

September – November : One project a the end of the cycle

February – April: One project at the end of the cycle

Summer : A one week class for the groups of four curators for the creation of a publication with the members of the committee.

Selection Of The Candidates

A call for candidates will be published eight months before the beginning of each session. The answer should be given four weeks after the deadline for applications in order to give the candidates enough time to apply for grants in their place of origin. The committee will select the candidates on the basis of a motivation letter and a cv relating on their experience in a larger field than curation.


The shool is open to any candidate interested and motivated without any regards to their studies. This should enable the school to open up to transversal practices and new approaches out of the academic field. The school is also a relevant opportunity for students of art, art history and other fields of research from social sciences who have an interest in curating during their master and post-master in the context of their internship. The school is free of charge.


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