The Exchange Miami

03/12/2014 - 07/12/2014

Related Artists :
Benjamin Jaubert, Damon Zucconi, Jakup Auce, Laurie Charles

UNTITLED Art Fair Miami Beach

03 - 07.12.2014


South Beach at Ocean Drive / 12th Street

Miami, FL, USA

Jakup Auce, Laurie Charles, Damon Zucconi and Benjamin Jaubert

The Exchange Miami is an office for curating in which exhibition proposals can be purchased following a discussion with the potential commissioners that may sit at our table. The Exchange office consists of a meeting table and chairs, as well as printed veils and 3D mock-ups representing artworks potentially included in our exhibition proposals. Three curators - Sonia Dermience, Benjamin Jaubert, Park Myers - represent Komplot in that business and enterprise selling art projects on size for the finest private or public clients. Examples of pieces by Jakup Auce, Laurie Charles and Damon Zucconi will be reproduced in the booth at Untitled art fair.


Finland Represented at the UNTITLED.

December 3-7, 2014, South Beach, Miami FL

Initiatives for Individuality gives a content and concept driven introduction to the Finnish contemporary art scene. The selection of galleries and art spaces showcases a variety of actors from the independent to the commercial, from the agency to the collaborator. With this focus, the project presents how the multifaceted scene facilitates for and develops contemporary art, its processes and productions.The participating artists are internationally exhibiting, conceptually individual and methodologically distinct. All their practices have a dialogic relation to a site of operation. With the variety of mediums the project takes into account the countless, cutting-edge installation possibilities at the UNTITLED.

ARTag (FI): Emma Helle, Teemu Korpela, Hans Rosenström

Komplot (BE): Jakup Auce, Laurie Charles, Sonia Dermience, Benjamin Jaubert, Park Myers, Damon Zucconi

SIC (FI): Maija Luutonen & Olli Keränen

Sinne (FI): Anastasia AxIn collaboration with Carl Palm, Rincon Projects (CO)

Initiatives for Individuality is curated by Aura Seikkula // Agency Auteur

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Consulate General of Finland, New York and Frame Visual Art Finland. The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland support the exhibition.

With the support of  FRAME (Visual Art Finland), Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, COCOF and Gemeente Vorst.

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach)

Laurie Charles / Benjamin Jaubert / Damon Zucconi

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach) 1

Jakup Auce /

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach) 2

Laurie Charles /

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach) 3

Laurie Charles /

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach) 4

Damon Zucconi /

The Exchange Miami (UNTITLED / Art Fair Miami Beach) 5

Benjamin Jaubert /