Carl Palm

Projects :
ANGER MANAGEMENT, Carl Palm: We Like a Hardboiled Egg in the Morning but don't Like to be 6-8 Minutes Late, Disorder Bozar, Splash, Can And Cock, YEAR 13, YEAR 2011

Carl Palm builds polyhedral discourses generated form conversations between objects of plural nature. The concept of "mixed media" finds here a clearer sense through his approach to objects: it considers relations of resemblance and contrast inside the exhibition room, the changing significance of the goods through changes and displacement, and the sculpture´s own memory. Not that far from animism, Palm approaches a wide sculptural practice from a post-curatorial behaviour, researching the inner capacity of the objects to interact inside the white-cube, being specially sensitive to their previous story outside the museum. His recent and upcoming exhibitions include: MACBA (ES), Casa do Povo (BR), Inter Arts Center (SE), CAC (LT), Finnish Institute (SE), Galeri Invaliden 1 (DE), Komplot (BE) and the 12th Istanbul Biennale (TR).