Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor

Projects :
ANGER MANAGEMENT, Nothing Political, Open House, Studios 2013, Studios and Offices 2012, Studios and Offices : Residency, YEAR 2011

Model for a Fountainhead, 2012

290x290 cm

mixed media

Alan Fertil & Damien Teixidor  began their collaboration intuitively, through a common interest regarding certain objects and cultural phenomena. Their work can be described as a series of layered interpretations aiming to observe the consequences of objects and forms in their physicality and sheer presence.

The works of Alan Fertil and Damien Teixidor analyse the states of opposition and superimposition of moving, practicable objects. Through manipulations by formal analogies leading underground and specific histories toward the common and familiar, the artists borrow and dilute objects, attitudes and approaches coming from DIY ethics, skateboarding, regulated zones of activity and furniture in a broad sense, confronting presence and specific function to the status of a work of art.