Philippe Van Wolputte

Projects :
ANGER MANAGEMENT, Komplot at The Zero Budget Biennial, Nothing Political, Plant B - Molenbeek Sculpture Park, YEAR 13, YEAR 2011

Komplot  produced without budget the video "Getting Over" by Philippe Van Wolputte

At the occasion of The Zero Budget Biennial, Paris
Opening on September 5 until October 9 2009
Galerie Carlos Cardenas, Paris & Galerie Schleicher + Lange, Paris

Philippe Van Wolputte's video "Getting Over"(2009) is a remake of the opening scene of the independent movie "Wild Style", which tells the story of a graffiti writer in the south-Bronx during the early 80's. The opening scene of this movie was the only scene that director Charlie Ahearne could get the money together to do properly (legally), the rest of the film was done 'on the run' - without permission. For this reason Philippe Van Wolputte decided to redo this opening scene for The Zero Budget Biennial without any funds. Philippe Van Wolputte's art practice, like graffiti writers, deals with urban exploring, transect walks, climbing fences to get to abandoned places.