Saskia Holmkvist

Projects :
Komplot moves downtown

Performance: Reciting the press release of the show with the help of the public:

Komplot is a curatorial collective concerned with nomadic creative practices, trends of specialization, survival architectures and the infiltration of private, public and institutional space. The nomadism of Komplot as a platform of variable composition allows it to explore new terrain in relation to objects, spaces, artists and the public.

Addition! is an event that revisits the making of the exhibition Architectures Of Survival. The selection is being opened again for artists who want to add a second round of works to improve. It’s also a self-critical moment (for Komplot?). The negotiation between the curator and the artist is being investigated, the curator’s agency in explaining the work.

In Filip Gilissen’s work Sometimes Big Bang, Sometimes Small Bang, Sometimes No Bang, he compares producing art with pushing on a button, since the same speed and easiness are sometimes expected from curators. When pushing this button, based on mere chance factors, sometimes the effect is great, sometimes it’s small, sometimes it’s missing.

Pieterjan Ginckels reacts in a direct way on the work of Francisco Camacho who reconstructed a jail bed for the exhibition, together with floor plans of the jail. He changes the work by adding a comfortable air mattress. The work is called Just Passing By.

Lasse Lau´s film Pine Nuts examines the political and social relevance of Horsh Beirut Park. Today three religious neighborhoods are bordering the park: Shia, Sunnis, and Christians. Nearly 20 years after the end of the civil strife the park has still not officially reopened to the general public.

Laura Parnes’ work The Real Artworld explores the awkward social situation of a studio visit. She compares it with a confidence game or a first date, in which the power dynamics of the studio visit are wrought with miscommunication and ego clashes.

Filip Van Dingenen’s video is set at Ganshoren, a community just outside the centre of Bruxelles. He tries to re-activate the Sint-Maarten parade in Ganshoren, an old local tradition. The beautiful story of the African man on his black horse throwing candy seems surreal in the current setting.

Saskia Holmkvist… (here she says something like: she just added a performance or something)