Andrea Winkler

Projects :
Architecture de survie, Komplot moves downtown, The Fridge, YEAR 2011

'Untitled', 2008, fabric, coloring, garland, plastic cups, in Komplot curated exhibition 'Architecture de survie', Outpost, Los Angeles, 2008.

Andrea Winkler (Germany) creates works of intense sensuality and minimalist elegance. Her delicate reliefs and often frilling objects are made from everyday-materials like paper, foil, tape or glossy magazine pages. Located between an object trouvé and a site-specific installation the pieces are sparingly dispersed in the space attached to the walls, spread out on the floor, fixed to architectural protrusions and hanging from the ceiling. Carefree, playful and seemingly existing there only temporarily, things appear light and mobile like transit passengers. But the picture is well composed and catches the passer-by with powerful seducement.