New Day New Money To Be Made


2 - 3 June : Julien Goniche

9 - 10 June : Emeline Depas

16 - 17 June : Jonathan Boutefeu

23 - 24 June : Romain Juan

30 June - 1 July : Liga Spunde

7 - 8 July : Noémi Merca & Bora Akinciturk

New Day New Money To Be Made is a quote taken from the pop song Black Barbie by Nicki Minaj addressing the ambient precarity. Time is money. Today’s capitalist society hardly leaves us the time to perform one mission, and we already need to look for the next one. No time to think. This exhausting rhythm of searching for work, finding new clients, making the job and getting paid; This constant reinvention of the self in every challenging moment of uncertainty, became the obsessive, repetitive patterns of our post-colonial, post-proletarian, post-work conditions. These routines in which you are kept captive, prevent the possibility to break through. Precarity is constructed to make change impossible. What about social welfare? What about psychological welfare? Reality check? Paycheck. No time to lose. 

The series 'New Day New Money To Be Made' gathers six solo shows opening from Friday to Saturday 4 to 8pm chaussée de Forest 90 Vorste steenweg 1060 Brussels with the support of Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie and Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

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